This has been another good year for the Chester IOD fleet. Lots of good things have happened over the past 12 months. Over the winter, Shawn Mulrooney and South Shore Marine boat works completed two new fiberglass IODs using the class molds. They were built in tandem and completed this spring. The first was “Sterling” which was purchased by Todd Murphy of the Manhattan Yacht Club. She has been shipped to New York and is a proud member of the Manhattan Yacht Club emerging IOD fleet. The second new build is the beautiful red boat called “Coachman”. She joins the Chester fleet and gives us 12 boats; this will form the basis for Chester hosting the IOD Championship in 2020. “Zephyr II” was purchased by a syndicate at the Manhattan Yacht Club and left our Chester fleet.


The Spring means sailing in Bermuda at the Bermuda International Invitational Race Week. This year, Peter Wickwire returned to the Island to represent the Chester Fleet. Despite a slow start, he once again dominated the racing and won the “Vrengen Cup” for the 4th time. The Chester Fleet seems to be dominating this event; last year Ted Murphy also won the event for us.

The next major regatta on the agenda for Chester skippers was the Nantucket Invitational in late June. Ted Murphy once again represented Chester. Ted enjoyed a successful weekend in Nantucket and finished in a 3-way-tie for first place which was ultimately won by Nantucket’s Chris Gould in the tie breaker.

Local racing is now underway for our fleet with Thursday night white sail racing and a full weekend program. In July, we held our first weekend regatta which we used as part of our ‘Worlds’ qualification series. Six of our fleet participated. Ted Murphy prevailed and won the weekend series. We have welcomed two new young skippers to the fleet. David Mosher is racing our new build “Coachman” and loving it! The second young skipper is Casey LeBlanc who is sailing “Ibis” for the season.

August brings out the biggest participation for us. First is the Indian Point Regatta at Indian Point, followed by the Chester Classics weekend and finally Chester Race Week. The Indian Point Regatta was very close racing between Shawn Mulrooney and Evan Petley-Jones as 6 boats participated. However, in the end Shawn beat Evan by one point. Next up was the Chester Classics Regatta. This regatta is evolving into split fleets and separate prizes for the IODs as well as trophies for the larger Classic boats. Three IODs participated over the 3 days and in the end, it was Steve Bond showing us how to race around the buoys, his favorite way of racing.

“Squall’, ‘Restless’ and ‘La Diva’

Next up: Chester Race Week. There were 10 IODs on the One Design course for the regatta for the week. It was keenly contested as it represents the major component to our IOD worlds qualification series for next year which will be held in Marblehead. Eleven races were sailed over the 4 days and anyone of 5 skippers could have won the regatta. However, consistency wins and in the end. It was that consistency of good finishes that elevated Evan Petley-Jones to the top of the podium! This year, from August 30 to September 02, the Chester IOD fleet hosted the IOD North Americans for the second time. We had 10 participants from our North America IOD fleets. Evan Petley-Jones and Peter Wickwire represented Chester in this regatta. Our 2 Chester representatives showed superior sailing skills in champagne sailing conditions and it wasn’t until the final race that the winner was determined. Peter nosed out Evan to become the IOD North American Champion. Our guests, many of which were visiting Chester for the first time, raved about the area, the boats and our Nova Scotia hospitality.

‘Mighty Mo’

The IOD World Championships were held in Gothenburg Sweden this year at the same time as we were hosting the IOD North Americans. Ted Murphy was flying the flag for us at this regatta. After 2 days’ racing, Ted was tied for first place. However, fickle conditions and light winds sabotaged his campaign to relegate him to the middle of the pack. This was Ted’s first IOD Worlds and I expect he will be in the winner’s circle in the not too distant future.
The final chapter for our fleet this year was the participation of Evan Petley-Jones in the Bermuda Bacardi Keelboat Regatta held in November in Bermuda. A fleet of 9 IOD’s took part with the majority of the participants coming from the U.S. East Coast. High winds cancelled one of the 3 days of sailing but the organizing authority, the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club, was able to get in 7 races. It turned into a 3 man race between Bermuda’s Patrick Cooper, Courtney Jenkins from Baltimore and Evan Petley – Jones. In the end Patrick Cooper became the repeat winner and Evan ended up third.

Please visit Chester IOD Fleet on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChesterIODFleet/ for pictures and articles on the regattas mentioned above. Ultimately, it is the people who shape this Club and give it the vibe that it currently has. Our thanks to all our members and supporters in Chester and Indian Point.

Respectfully submitted,
Richard Thompson
Fleet Captain