The International One Design Class has been in existence since 1936 and was celebrated with the publication of our 75th Anniversary book in 2011. Over time fleets have moved from location to location, some have disappeared and others have evolved. The later is the case of the Chester IOD Fleet. In 2004 the first IOD appeared in the front harbour of Chester. It was “Mighty Mo”. She drew many admirers and comments. That winter she had a major overhaul and looked even better in the front harbour. There was significant interest in the IOD’s that I bought another one, which I called “La Diva” and sold it to the Snell family. Jay Nadelson found “Elida” in Connecticut the following year and soon we had a fleet.

For 2019 there are 12 IOD’s in the Chester area. We have been recognized by the World IOD Association as a fleet and have competed in the World Championships and the IOD North Americans which was won in 2008 and in 2018 by a Chester representative. We have come a long way in a short period of time. There are many unique stories associated with these boats which you can read about on this website along with seeing photos of the boats at rest at their moorings and sailing in competition. These beautiful boats have a history and a future and we are looking forward to sailing and racing them in Mahone Bay for many years to come.

Respectfully Submitted

Richard Thompson

Fleet Captain



Shawn Mulrooney’s ‘Piper’