Aileen: Can 4

Built 1936
Hull Oregon Pine


Owner History
• Corny Shields, 1936
• Dick & Richard Matthews
• Dick Howell
• Milton Thrasher, 1970
• Leonard Crawford. 1973
• Tony Huston
• Mike Kelley

It is perhaps fitting that the newest fleet should have the first IOD to grace the waters of the American continent. “Aileen” has a storied past – she was the boat of the founding father of the class, Corny Shields. He named it after his daughter and sailed it for many years. He eventually sold her to Dick and Richard Mathews. She was also owned by Dick Howell, the commodore of the Larchmont Yacht Club, as well Leonard Crawford. Milt Thrasher owned her in 1970 and changed her name to “Nancy” before selling her to Leonard Crawford in 1973 who again changed her name to “Sisu”. Finally Tony Huston bought her and changed her name back to the original “Aileen”.

Tony contacted me about buying “Aileen” as he was going to Singapore for five years and didn’t want to leave “Aileen” on the hard to deteriorate. I promised I would get a buyer for her and up stepped Mike Kelley from Indian Point. He has taken great care of her and she is actively racing in Chester and Lunenburg. The name “Aileen” and Corny Shields will always be linked to the development of the IOD class so it is fitting that we should have her in our midst.