Ghost: CAN 20


Built 1937
Hull Oregon Pine
Arrived 2009
Active as of 2010

Owner History
• Bob Bavier, Sr., 1937
• Bill Cameron
• Peter Swerdloff
• Carl West
• Jay Nadelson, 2009
• Ken Florence, 2010

“Ghost” was one of the original IOD’s sent to Long Island Sound in 1937. She was initially called “Frolic” and owned by Bob Bavier Sr., one of the giants of sailing in the United States at the time. He was also famous in the publishing field, having been editor and publisher of Yachting magazine and a member of the National Sailing Hall of Fame in the U.S. She was also owned by Bill Cameron and Peter Swerdloff.
In the mid-1970s she moved to Sag Harbour on Long Island where Herb Stein was trying to establish another IOD fleet. She was eventually sold to Carl West and re-named “Ghost”. He fitted her out as a day sailor but a storm on Long Island Sound damaged the boat and she spent 20 years in a barn, waiting to be rescued.
Jay Nadelson discovered “Ghost” in its state of disrepair, bought her then shipped her to Indian Point, Nova Scotia where Bill Lutwick was taken on as a partner to repair the boat. Once restored, Ken Florence bought “Ghost’ and has become an active member of the fleet.

Richard Thompson