Ibis: CAN 6


Built 1992
Hull White Cedar
Arrived 2001
Active as of 2001

Owner History
• Peter Helmos, 1992-2001
• Tony Merck, 2001-2017

South Shore Marine, 2018-present

Ibis is one of only two wooden IOD’s to be built outside of Norway. She was built by Paul Rollins in 1992 in York, Maine of white cedar over oak frames with a teak deck and mahogany bright work trim. She had the traditional wooden box section spruce mast and boom. Ibis was originally built as a day sailor complete with a head and holding tank! After some modification she was accepted as a bon-a-fide IOD and raced in the IOD North East Harbour fleet. She was brought Ibis to Chester and has been actively racing. She has been recently fitted with an aluminum spar and boom.