La Diva: CAN 8

La Diva

Built 1965 Norway
Hull Mahogany
Arrived 2006
Active as of 2006

Owner History
• Per Loritzen, 1966
• Jim Bishop, 1967-1970
• Gore Fredricks and Christian Becker, 1974
• John Crosby, 1983
• Merrill Cates, 2001 (As Catch 22)
• Jim Snell and Family, 2006
• Shawn Mulrooney, Fall 2012
• Steve Bond, 2015

La Diva is one of the last IODs built in Norway in 1965. She has a stunning varnished hull which really sets her apart. The story goes that she was originally built for the Norwegian Prince but we have no way of substantiating it. We do know that she was shipped to Long Island for Per Loritzen, the original U.S. owner, in 1966. She passed through a number of hands over the next few years – Jim Bishop from 1967 to 1970, Gore Fredricks and Christian Becker in 1974, and John Crosby in 1983. Later, she was bought by Merrill Cates who had Bruce Dyson refurbish her in 2001. At that time she was called “Catch 22” as 22 was her sail number. I saw an advertisement for her in Wooden Boat and asked Tony Huston about her condition. He gave her a great recommendation so I bought her sight-unseen. I was not disappointed!
“La Diva”, as we christened her, first sailed in Mahone Bay in 2006.

Richard Thompson