Mighty Mo CAN 1

Mighty Mo

Built 1961 Norway
Hull Mahogany
Arrived 2004
Active as of 2004

Owner History
• John Goulandris, 1961
• Richard Thompson, 2004

“Mighty Mo” was built, like most of the original wooden IOD’s, in Norway. Mr. John Goulandris, a wealthy Greek shipping owner, purchased her in 1961. She was shipped to Cowes on the Isle of Wight and named “Mighty Mo” after his daughter whose nickname was “Mo”. She was only 6 years old at the time. After many years the fleet migrated to Edinburgh Scotland where she successfully raced in the fleet there, which eventually moved again in the ‘90s to the Clyde on the West coast of Scotland. The fleet was breaking up in the mid 20th century and I happened to see an advertisement in Classic Boat magazine that “Mighty Mo” was for sale. I contacted the owners whom I knew and purchased the boat which was shipped to Halifax in the spring of 2004. The following winter I had Bill Lutwick of Indian Point do a massive refit and the result was a boat that was almost like new. She has been racing in Chester ever since, turning heads and winning races. She was the catalyst for the development of our fleet and displays the number CAN 1 on her sail.
Since acquiring “Mighty Mo”, I have met a number of people in England and elsewhere who have sailed on or against her. In 2012, through an amazing set of circumstances, I had the privilege and pleasure of meeting the real “Mighty Mo”. She lives in Oxford now and her father is still alive and living in Greece. They were delighted to know that the IOD that they christened all those years ago is still on the water and is the genesis of a whole fleet in Chester. These boats certainly have quite a history with people who still have an attachment to them wherever they may be.
Richard Thompson