Restless CAN 11


Built 1959
Hull Mahogany
Arrived 2010
Active as of 2010

Owner History
• George Byrne
• Horton Sabin
• Neil Goldman, 1974
• Steve Cook
• Steve Moody, 2010
• Ted Murphy, 2015

Built in 1959, Restless has had a number of names and changed hands a few times. George Byrne, Horton Sabin and Neil Goldman have all been previous owners. While under Steve Cook’s ownership (not long after Goldman), Boots Parker saw her and she inspired him to build the Fishers Island Fleet. She was known as “Pre-emptive Bid” at the time.
Restless won many races when she was owned by Neil Goldman and skippered by Jamie McCreary. Jamie won the season at Fishers Island that year as well as the IOD World Championship.
I was approached by Jim Bishop about “Pre-emptive Bid” to see if there was any interest in Chester in purchasing her from Steve Cook. After a number of emails, phone calls and an on-site visit she was bought by Steve Moody. Steve had extensive work done on her in 2010 and gave her her previous name of O2. This was a salute to “Ohop”, the Chester C he sailed many years ago.
Restless, as she is now known, was purchased by Ted Murphy in 2015.
Richard Thompson

Update from John Burnham

One error in the writeup is that Jamie McCreary didn’t race at Fishers but at Long Island Sound. Steve Cook probably bought Pre-Emptive Bid in the late ’70s or early ’80s and the Fishers fleet didn’t really get started until the mid-80s. Jamie won the Worlds at LIS in 1989, but may well have been sailing on the boat in the ’70s.

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